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Our Guava Tree

Guava Tree
Guava Tree
One of the common question that I normally encounter whenever I search for the word "guava" in the World Wide Web is "how do you determine if a guava fruit is ripe enough for picking?"

We have a guava tree in our new home, most probably planted by my wife's uncle years back since it has been bearing fruits since I started gardening in this place a year back.  The only difference is that whenever we wanted a guava fruit before, most of the time, insects has beaten us to it, or is either the fruit has already dropped since it is already ripe.

This year however, is  a little bit different since, the tree is at our back yard, and near our toilet.  Making it easy for us, to easily spot the guava fruits.

Guava Fruit
Guava Fruit
Then the question, how do we determine if a guava fruit is ripe for the picking? It is my believe that although there are months where this tree is expected to bear fruit, a harvest season is difficult to predict, specially if the guava tree that you have has already grown big, just like ours.  This is because, as one fruit gets ripen, other younger fruit tends to develop, thus in my experience, if I can harvest 12pcs of guava fruit today, I can expect that in the next day or two, I could pick a new set of fruit ripe enough for picking.

How do I determine then if the fruit is ready for the picking? Basing from my own experience, a guava fruit that is ready for picking will be easy for the hand, with very little resistance, while those fruits that still needs time to ripen would offer  a certain amount of resistance, thus ,making it a little bit harder to separate the fruit from the branch.

This has been the method that I had been using lately aside from looking at the color of the fruit, and is happy enough to say that it works for me.

Have a good day!

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