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My Son's pet Chickens

Bosie and Chicklet
Bosie and Chicklet
Last year, my son was fascinated by food colored chicks being sold at the local wet market during market days.  Peddlers for these colored chicks are common in our country, that most of the time you will see them during fiestas or in events were they expect people and their kids tends to converge.

To keep the story short, we bought him a pair for the first time.  His first pair did survive for nearly two months but since we did not place it in a cage, my son's pet cat, got hold to both chicken and the pair bid their farewell to my son's surprise when he woke up.

Bosie the Rooster
Bosie the Rooster
So, what happened was he asked me to buy another pair which really took me sometime to do so.  Nevertheless, I was able to get hold for another pair, and this time we placed the pair on a small bird cage, hopeful that the cat can be held up at bay.

A few weeks after, my son woke me up crying, asking him what's the matter, he simply pointed to the chicks cage... and guess what? The only thing I saw was the chicks feather.  To my surprise the cat managed to open the cage by tumbling it down.

Chicklet the Hen
Chicklet the Hen
So there goes the story and we're back to square one, until last January when I got hold to a newer pair.  Learning on how the cat got the chicks, I've decided to lock the metallic gate of the cage and tie the cage down to a metal railing, this time both chicks survive, unfortunately they got sick and one of the chickens died.

After a month or two, to our surprise however, especially to my son, the one that survive was a rooster, what my son was hoping for was to have a hen, since we, at the family doesn't have any knowledge on how to distinguish if these chicks were a hen or a rooster, we had to wait for it to mature to differentiate, and there it was, a healthy rooster that my son named "Bosie".

native chicken eggs
Eggs awaiting to be hatched
After transferring to our new home more than a month ago and after ensuring the safety of Bosie in our new place, again my son's magic on me worked again, and I started asking my friends if they know anyone selling a native hen, luckily for me, my son's godfather raises native chickens and he has one that he can provide.

There goes "Chicklet", what we didn't know then, was that Chicklet was about to lay eggs, thus, about two days after receiving her, she laid her first egg to our surprise and to my son's delight.

After almost two weeks, Chicklet has laid ten eggs, after a few days, she became broody, and we are now waiting for the first egg to hatch.(Oh yes my son doesn't want us to get the eggs for breakfast, he wanted to have more raise and play with, I guess.)

Will post more updates if Chicklet is successful in hatching her eggs.

Have a blessed Sunday!


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